Our History

All you need to know about the Scenic Rim Clydie Spectacular

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular has a very proud history. Read about how we started and why we are so passionate about Clydesdales & Scots in the Scenic Rim.

Celebrating Clydesdale Heritage

The Boonah region’s Clydesdale heritage is unique and spans a period from the 1840s to the present day. When the Australian Clydesdale numbers began to decline in the 1960s, a local family bred vigour back into the breed, promoted its value and presided over the rebirth of the Clydesdale horse in Queensland and beyond. Pat and Col Ehrich and their families were instrumental in maintaining the breed when it almost disappeared from the Australian landscape.

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular was born from a desire by local breeders to pay respect to the history and heritage of this magnificent horse. They approached the Boonah Show Society and a sub-committee of the society was formed and now runs and manages the event.

Heavy horses and much more

From the beginning, this event has attracted competitors, participants and spectators from across the country and overseas. Not only are there horses but rare trades demonstrations of all forms that focus around “the heavy horse”, harness makers, blacksmiths, wheelwrights and driving displays. Other heavy horse breeds have also joined the historical celebrations with Shires, Percherons and Suffolk Punch. The event not only provides a spectacle but endeavours to inform, educate and give visitors a tactile experience.

A stand-alone history tent provides information about not only the local horse history but the local settlers, aboriginals and the war efforts of the Fassiern and Scenic Rim.


“Clyldebuilt” stands tall, towing over 3metres high, a sculpture by internationally acclaimed artist Andy Scott, stands at the entrance to the town of Boonah as a tribute to the Clydesdale Horse. It is recognised by the Queensland National Trust as an icon to our National heritage. And consequently is the much-recognised logo of the Clydie Spectacular. The statue was built in a local Butter Factory workshop and a local economic development committee raised the funds to buy it after it had been displayed at the Swell Sculpture by the Sea festival in Sydney.

The “Clydebuilt” statue and the Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular are examples of how heritage and art combine to not only maintain the history of a region but develop an event which brings together a community. The Scenic Rim community has taken ownership of this event and takes great pride in it’s delivery as well as the increased economic development it generates for the town by celebrating traditions and heritage created over generations.

10 Years Strong

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular is run annually in June. The event is nearing its 10th year celebration in 2022 where a special 10-year celebration surprise will pay homage to the great Clydesdale horse and its Scottish history.